Dr. Waterheater is proud never to have had a single complaint. Dr. Waterheater only sells quality and professionally built, high grade equipment, not something found at a discount home store who are focused on price points. We also repair water heaters. This specialization provides our customers with a level of competence and expertise that is unrivaled. Our service men include registered master plumbers, and our owner is respected in the plumbing profession as an ally and authority on water heaters.

This authority didn’t just happen. On every water heater model he sells, John has trained at the factory and continues to take training via the internet to remain a most competent expert. In fact, John is respected by the manufacturers too! John has served on the board of advisors for water heater manufactures and steered product design efforts on current product lines.

Dr. Waterheater does not serve its customers with the “what size ya want – we have three models, pick one, I’ll help you out to the car with it and the bendy pipe all-purpose adaptor kit – good luck, y’all” attitude of big box stores.

 Dr. Waterheater starts by understanding the needs of the household:

size of home

number and ages of occupants

number of bathrooms

peak demand times for hot water

All of these factors help Dr. Waterheater determine exactly the right water heater solution for the needs and budget.